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Customer Service.

The products covered by this limited warranty are all those models manufactured with our brand, the models marketed by our company whose brand is foreign to us will respond this last of your warranty.

All products covered by this limited warranty will benefit from 2 years against any manufacturing defect according to current CE legislation.

All our products comply with the CE declaration of conformity.

All the products are subjected to a first visual control, in case they are equipped with hydromassage systems or electrical systems, the control performed to each and every one of them, is of operation before their final packaging.

We ask our official distributors that, at the time of the delivery of any product, perform a visual quality control and that the installer performs a final visual and operational check before final installation.

Before proceeding with the final installation of any of our products, please verify the good condition of the product in the presence of an authorized person from our official distributor. We will not accept any liability related by damages caused by transportation, outside manipulatio our authorized technical service or due to improper installation.

The damages caused by handling or incorrect installation are the sole responsibility of the installer or installation company.

It is forbidden to open, disassemble or manipulate any of our products internally as these would lose our limited warranty, only our authorized technical service can perform these tasks.

In the event that a defect appears after its final installation and it is duly demonstrated that the cause of the defect is related to the manufacture of the product, our responsibility will be strictly limited to the replacement of the materials recognized by our authorized technical service as defective.

For any technical assistance service, you must contact us through of our (E-mail), and you must present the purchase invoice of the product to be repaired or installed.


1 - All our bathroom products should not be embedded in the floors or walls under any circumstances, should be installed on tiles or surfaces completely finished and properly sealed with a special silicone suitable to prevent water seepage or moisture, advising in bathtubs and spas the placement of mobile skirts in order to be able to manipulate the installations, revisions or repairs.

2 - The hydromassage cabins should offer the possibility of moving in block out of the wall, without any obstacle, bidet, toilet, furniture, washbasin, etc. in order to be able to access its mechanisms to be manipulated for installations, revisions or repairs.

3 - In the case of columns and hydromassage cabins, the water pressure must be between 2.5 and 5 bars of pressure for proper operation.

4 - Before installing any product to the water network, we recommend that the installation be completely clean, since after a general municipal breakdown or a new installation, the water may contain sand or other foreign bodies that cause operating problems in the water. hydromassage systems, taps, electro valves, steam boiler, etc.

5 - All hydromassage equipment that, due to some of its functions, needs to be connected to the electrical network, requires the compulsory placement of a thermal magnet and a differential switch suitable for the consumption of the equipment to avoid accidents and thus protect its safety.

6 - In particular, we will not be responsible for any damage that may occur due to water leakage in installed products, the warranties cover exclusively the manufacturing defects, do not cover defects due to bad handling or installation, nor does this warranty cover the repairs of electrical appliances if these have been caused by problems of the electrical network or inadequate maintenance.

7 - Are excluded from this limited warranty for any and all pieces used for daily use as (PARTS OF WEAR), for example: the wheels and guides of bathroom screens and hydromassage cabinets, the handles of doors or furniture drawers and bathroom screens, ceramic faucet cartridges, the high shower and hand showers, whirlpool jets, mirrors in general, chrome finishes with defects due to humidity or steam concentrations, electric fans, etc.


1 - All the products electrical, electronic, LED lighting, LED screens, or laser lighting, must be installed by qualified personnel, will lose the limited warranty all products that due to improper connection or handling were poorly installed.

2 - All the products electrical, electronic, LED lighting, LED screens, or laser lighting, they must be installed in a sufficiently ventilated and refrigerated way in order to avoid their overheating, since these can cause accidents, it is also necessary to avoid moisture condensations that lead to electric circuit breakers.

3 - In relation to the electrical, electronic, LED lighting, LED screens, or laser lighting, that requires and include forced cooling as heat sinks, aluminum profiles or fans, require adequate technical maintenance, in this role should be cleaned and remove dust that clog these and accumulate with their daily use in order to the cooling is correct and avoid overheating the electrical circuits to avoid accidents and breakdowns of them.

4 - In particular, we will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to problems of the electrical network, an inadequate installation or a lack of maintenance, the warranty only covers manufacturing defects recognized by our authorized technical service.

5 - Are excluded from this limited warranty that are considered for daily use (WEAR PARTS), for example: electric fans, fuses, the degradation by ultraviolet rays of solar radiation produced in LED rope lights, LED strip lights, PVC plastic products, etc.

6 - In order to protect the products of your electrical installation it is advisable to use current stabilizers to give an electrical balance and avoid breakdowns caused by the unexpected rise of the voltage from the electrical network.

7 - It is recommended to check all the connections and joints of all products for outdoor use before and after they are put into operation in order to avoid faults in them.

8 - It is recommended NOT to leave the LED rope lights exposed to the weather for more than a year to avoid their degradation by the ultraviolet rays coming from the solar radiation.

9 - In relation to LED lighting products for Christmas lighting, we recommend that you uninstall it once the Christmas season is over, so we will make sure to give our product a long life, avoiding it to end up in the waste container helping to maintain a cleaner planet, remember that Christmas lighting products are for temporary use and should not be used for other different purposes.


The company Majestic Brokers SL reserves the right to cancel or modify, totally or partially, any of the products, as well as the technical specifications and sale prices of this online store or personalized direct sales without prior notice.

No person or entity is authorized to make any modification, verbal or written, on this limited warranty.

Customer Service.